About us:

Nepal Power Solution aims in providing technology and facility that will change the way solar energy will be harnessed and distributed/scattered to every homes and offices.

Nepal Power Solution ensures our customers to provide better facility relating to our products they are well designed and manufactured by professional technicians focusing on the demand and desire of our customers. We can provide solar product to our customers at very affordable rates, without high upfront cost of solar installation, and ongoing operations and maintenance. Our basic aim is to promote the solar energy everywhere in our country with a view to uplift the life of people who are very far away from access to electricity.

Elaborate post-installation service will ensure that the solar installations work to optimum capabilities leaving little or no room for disruptions.

Nepal Power Solution is developed to ensure that solar energy is a meaningful source of energy, ensuring maximized production and sustained investment returns.

Nepal Power Solution ensures delivery of 'best-in-class' solar products with a firm commitment to technological superiority. Customer goals for energy production will be diligently processed and optimum performance will be delivered at the most cost effective market prices.

We not only focus on solar energy but also various types on renewable energy that can change or uplift the struggle life of our customers.