Navitas Series

Product ID: 72 Cell Module

Multi Crystalline Module

Specification :

  • NS 290P-315P
  • 290~315 Watt

Temperature Characteristics :

  • Temperature Co-efficient (Pmax) : -0.38%
  • Temperature Co-efficient (Voc) : -0.34%
  • Temperature Co-efficient (Isc) : +0.053%
  • Nominal Operating Cell Temperature : 45 ± 2˚C

Navitas Solar's Modules are best in class in terms of performance and Reliability.
Our meticulous product design and stringent quality control ensures our modules deliver an exceptionally high PV yield.

Product Summary Navitas Series :

  • Ideal for Large Scale and Roof Top Installations.
  • Highly Reliable Due to Straingent Quality Control
    • 100% EL Tested Before and After Lamination
    • Over 30 In-house Tests
  • High Durability Ensured
  • Durable PV Modules, Independently Tested for Harsh Environment Conditions Such as Exposure to Salt Mist, Ammonia and Known PID Risk Factors
  • Advanced Glass Efficiency
  • High Transmission Glass with Unique Anti reflective Coating that directs more light on Solar Cells.

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