Welcome to Nepal Power Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal Power Solution. is becoming one of the finest and established companies, specialized in providing products, systems and services in the renewable energy sector since 2009 (2066) BS). has been working in supplying, assembling and system integration of solar power system and other alternative source of energy’s materials and equipments. The company is well known in the market place for its products and services. Various services include consultancy services, system services, system Integration and supply of products.

our special offers:

Rural Solar

Proudct ID: RS001 Details

Wind Energy

Product ID: WE001 Details

Solar Street Light

Proudct ID: SSL01 Details

Micro Hydro Power

Product ID: MH001 Details

Solar Thermal

Product ID: ST001 Details

Urban Solar

Product ID: US001 Details


SU KAM Solar Inverter

Product ID: SKSI1

Rs. 8500/-

Home Solar Panels

Product ID: HSP01

Rs. 13500/-

LED Solar Lantern

Product ID: LEDSL

Rs. 1750/-

Solar Street Lights

Product ID: SSL01

Rs. 35000/-